Expand Your Mobile Storage With This Smoking Hot SanDisk 256GB MicroSDXC Card Deal

One thing we always seem to think we have plenty of, yet always seems to run out before we expect it, is storage for our mobile devices. With smartphones taking higher resolution photos and video internal storage doesn’t last long. For iPhone users, this means you eventually end up spending more for cloud storage or deleting things so that you can store more apps and pictures. For Android users running out of storage means you can opt for a larger memory card so you that can keep filming and snapping away. For those users, Amazon has a smoking deal on the SanDisk Ultra 256GB microSDXC card.

sandisk 256 card

As of writing, you can get your mitts on the memory card for $73.94 with free Prime shipping. The normal retail price for this memory card is $149.99 making this about half off retail. The memory card also includes an SD card adapter. That adapter means if you need to use the microSDXC in devices supporting only SD cards or to remove it from your smartphone or tablet to transfer large files directly via an SD card reader on your laptop or desktop, you're all set.

sandisk 256 reader

SanDisk's Ultra 256GB memory card is rated for transfer speeds of up to 100MB/s and carries a Class 10 rating. It also carries an A1 rating meaning that you get better app performance. There is no mention of how long this memory card will sell at such a low price. If you don't need that much storage, a 200GB version of the same card sells for $48.50 and a 128GB version is $29.11. For those who fear 256GB isn’t enough, you can opt for a 400GB memory card for $152.67. That 400GB unit is right at $100 off currently and carries the same speed ratings as the smaller cards and includes the adapter.