SanDisk and Yahoo Eliminate The PC Middleman

SanDisk is partnering with Yahoo to offer wireless downloads from Yahoo's Music service on their Sansa Connect mp3 player. Streaming radio from Launchcast and Flickr photos too. Neat.

The US $249 model comes with 4Gb of memory, a 2.2-inch colour LCD screen, inbuilt Wi-Fi and a MicroSD slot that allows you to expand the storage capacity of the player. The Wi-Fi connection lets you do more than just buy music wirelessly when it range of and connected to a Wi-Fi access point - it also lets you listen to streaming radio stations from Launchcast and go through Flikr photo streams, although at this stage, wireless synchronization to your PC is not yet an option. If you pay Yahoo US $15 per month for a Yahoo Music Unlimited subscription, or US $12 per month if you pay for a year in advance, you can download virtually whatever music you want, essentially giving you access to millions of songs for the cost of a CD or two each month.
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