Samsung’s New Gear 360 Camera Priced At $229, Steep Discount With Galaxy S8 Purchase

gear 360 2
Samsung revealed a brand-new Gear 360 camera in late March alongside the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. The South Korean company announced this morning that the Gear 360 will be available for purchase starting tomorrow (May 25th) with a price tag of $229.

That’s pretty steep discount compared to its predecessor, which debuted with a $349 MSRP. It’s very aggressive pricing to lure in budding content creators, and we should also mention that the first-generation unit is still available for the low, low price of $169 on Amazon.

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As its name implies, the camera is able to capture 360-degree video and photos. Specs wise, the new Gear 360 isn’t that far removed from the original. It does include upgraded dual 8.4MP image sensors that can capture true 4K (4096x2048) footage at 24fps via two F2.2 fisheye lenses. Still shots can be captured at up to 15MP.

Samsung also provides the ability to stream live virtual reality (VR) content directly to YouTube and Facebook via your smartphone. And speaking of smartphones, the Gear 360 will work with Apple iPhone 6s (and newer) and the Samsung Galaxy S6 (and newer).

gear 360

If you just to happen to be in the market to purchase a new Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+, Samsung has an even sweeter deal in store for you with regards to the Gear 360. Starting tomorrow, if you purchase a new Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ direct from Samsung, you can pick up a new Gear 360 for $49. The promotion only lasts from May 25th through June 19th, so you’ll probably want to act fast if you want the combo.

If this Gear 360 promotion is combinable with the current Galaxy S8 Buy One, Get One Free offer, this would be one of the best combo deals that we’ve seen in quite some time for a newly released flagship device.