Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold Tab Is Reportedly An Ambitious Tri-Folding Android Tablet

galaxy z fold 2
Samsung was among the first to bring a foldable smartphone to the consumer market with its original Galaxy Fold and then followed up with devices like the Galaxy Z Flip 5G and Galaxy Z Fold 2. The latter is currently Samsung's largest device with a flexible display, measuring 7.6 inches across when unfolded.

However, according to a new report, Samsung plans a folding device much larger than the Galaxy Z Fold. The Galaxy Z Fold Tab is reportedly in the pipeline for Samsung and will employ a tri-folding display. The display will allegedly be covered in the latest version of Samsung's Ultra-Thin Glass, which will hopefully be even more durable than the current iteration. It will also likely support a new S Pen, which will be shared with the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Although the GizmoChina report doesn't indicate the size of the Galaxy Z Fold Tab, we'd have to assume that when unfurled, it will measure around the 10+ inch range to better differentiate it from the Galaxy Z Fold 2/3. As such, its folding mechanism will likely be similar to what was previously seen with TCL's tri-folding smartphone concept. That device featured a standard 6.65-inch form-factor that expanded to 10 inches when fully unfolded.

tcl tri fold
TCL Tri-Folding Smartphone Concept

The current Galaxy Z Fold 2 is already a complex device thanks to its trick hinge, but the Galaxy Z Fold Tab would double that complexity. There is also the potential for a second display crease that follows the additional hinge. Then, there's the question of how Samsung will be able to keep the display taut across two hinges and a much larger expanse of screen real estate.

While we must take this report with a big grain of salt, interest in flexible displays is growing in the industry. Earlier this week, TCL showed off its Fold 'n Roll concept that combines a folding and rollable display into one device.