Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip4 Breaks Cover Looking Refined As Flip5 Launch Details Leak

galaxy z flip4 body
What appear to be official renders of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 have been shared online. The leak, from a highly reputable source, comes about a month ahead of an expected launch event. Images show the purported Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 from both left and right sides, and both fully opened and flexed at 90 degrees. However, no images show the front or back of the device, so there may be some more surprises to come.

Samsung’s Z Flip series are its most compact and elegant foldables, majoring on portability, while the Z Fold series maximizes unfolded screen real estate for power-users. Earlier we reported that the current Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 was proving to be a surprise hit ahead of the New Year. With this in mind, the launch of the Galaxy Z Flip4 is going to be very important for Samsung, and these first images give the growing fan-base some tantalizing glimpses at the design.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 side-on

Looking at all these side-on images, we can say that the next generation Z Flip isn’t going to be a big departure from the current model. As Evan Blass says, writing for 91 Mobiles, “it’s clear that the differences most certainly are in the details.” One of the details, is the new color here, the bold ‘Bora purple’ finish. Another observation by the source is that the camera protrusion is bigger on the Z Flip4, which would tally with a rumored more premium imaging experience.

Some other design tweaks which can be commented upon, which may be missed by less experienced eyes are; the hinge is narrower and comes closer to the screen surface, and the less-tapered form of the chin suggests a beefier battery is within.

The Samsung rumor mill points to an event in August being cued up for the Galaxy Z Flip4 launch. Other potential stars of the event include; Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Watch5 models.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

On the topic of launch events, a fresh rumor from Samsung’s home country of Korea says that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 will launch in H2 2023. Much more illuminating is the purported target shipment volume of 8 million units.

Putting the Galaxy Z Flip5 numbers into some perspective, industry sources speaking to The Elec say that the Galaxy Z Fold5 shipment target is just 2 million units. Previously, it says, the shipment ratio between the two foldables was 3:7, next year it will be 4:1.

Remember, we are on the verge of a recession, so the shipment numbers show some confidence, but foldables are one of the best growth markets in mobile devices with Canalys projecting a CAGR of 122% for this segment, from 2019 to 2024.