Samsung's Galaxy S21 Family Rumored To Lose These Key Features

samsung galaxy s21 ultra
Yesterday, Samsung dropped its first teaser for the upcoming Galaxy S21 family of smartphones, which are rumored to be announced on January 14th. The Snapdragon 888-powered flagships are likely to be among the best-selling Android flagships of 2021, but new reports suggest that customers will be missing a few features with this generation.

First off is what's reportedly missing in the box. Earlier this fall when Apple announced its iPhone 12 family, it removed both the headphones and wall charger from the box. That left customers with just a USB-C to Lightning cable. At the time, Samsung mocked Apple's omission and pointed to the fact that it includes a charger in the box with its smartphones.

However, in late December, Samsung deleted the Facebook post that referenced Apple's accessories removal which led to speculation that it would also make a similar move. Samsung has often criticized Apple for certain actions (i.e., removing the headphone jack), only to do the same with its own product lines. Now, gadget leaker Ishan Agarwal is claiming that Samsung will remove both the bundled headphones and wall charger from the box with the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+ and Galaxy S21 Ultra. The only other accessory that will remain will be the USB-C cable.

galaxy buds pro
Samsung will be glad to sell you a set of Galaxy Buds Pro with your Galaxy S21

This move will likely further push customers to its wireless earbuds. Conveniently, the Galaxy Buds Pro with active noise cancellation 3D Spatial Audio are expected to launch alongside the Galaxy S21 family.

There will probably be plenty of people that are unbothered by the lack of a wall charger and headphones. The headphones that Samsung packs in aren't exactly great, and most people have a drawer full of chargers to choose from. However, the next omission might dig a little deeper to the bone. It's reported that none of the Galaxy S21 devices will include a microSD slot.

This tip comes to us from Roland Quandt, who has a very solid track records regarding mobile leaks. This doesn't just apply to the standard Galaxy S21; the Galaxy S21+ and Galaxy S21 Ultra will also lack a microSD slot according to Quandt. With this in mind, be sure that you choose carefully when purchasing your Galaxy S21 to ensure that you have enough storage for your needs. It's rumored that the Galaxy S21 Ultra will have storage options up to 512GB available to customers.

Tell us in the comments section below what your think of the potential omission of the headphones, wall charger and microSD slot from Samsung's upcoming flagship smartphones.