Samsung Will No Longer Provide LCDs to Apple

You may have noticed that Apple and Samsung don’t get along anymore. At all. There was a time when the two companies actually did brisk business together, even as they competed in the market, but now that has Apple successfully sued Samsung for over a billion dollars and blocked some its sales, any semblance of a marriage is over.

Apple apparently recently switched to TSMC to fabricate its mobile device chips, and now according to the Korea Times, Samsung Display (a subsidiary of Samsung), has decided not to provide LCD displays to Apple any longer.

The company line is that it’s no longer profitable to make displays for the iPhone because of an increasingly rigid supply chain structure, but that nasty lawsuit may have had something to do with it, too.

Apple vs. Samsung
Image credit: DroidDog

A breakup probably won’t affect either party too much; Apple has certainly seen this coming, and the report indicates that Apple is working on LCD deals with Samsung’s competitors. Samsung Display, for its part, is going to be making more displays for its Samsung’s own mobile devices, and it’s apparently making more of them for Amazon’s, as well.

It’s probably just as well; it’s tough to remain friends with an ex after so bitter a breakup.