Samsung To Nudge Into Fitness Territory With Wrist-Mounted Galaxy Band

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch was the company’s big foray into wearable tech, but Samsung isn’t satisfied; it may be invading the fitness market, too, impinging upon territory currently occupied by the likes of Nike’s FuelBand and FitBit.

According to Korean site DDaily, Samsung is planning to roll out a wrist-mounted device called the Galaxy Band in Q4 2014. The Galaxy Band will have a number of sensors to detect movement, pressure, humidity, route guidance, and so on.

Fitbit woman
The rumored Galaxy Band would compete with the likes of the FitBit Force, shown above

The device should connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, although if the Galaxy Gear rollout is any indication, you may only be able to use the Band with specific Samsung smartphones.

This is all just grist for the rumor mill for now, but it would make sense for Samsung to push into mobile fitness; it’s a growing market, and Samsung likes to have its hands in everything related to mobile.