Samsung's Sero Is A 43-inch Rotating TV Aimed At Mobile-Obsessed Millennials

the sero 1
Big screen 4K TVs are a dime a dozen these days. In fact, just this morning we brought you news of a hot deal over at Best Buy that will get you a Sharp 55-inch 4K HDR Roku TV for just $299.99. However, Samsung is looking to stand out from the crowd a bit with its latest creation, which it calls “The Sero”.

The Sero features Samsung’s quantum-dot (QLED) display technology, which is pretty commonplace on the company’s high-end televisions, but it’s eye-catching feature is that the display panel actually rotates. In its standard position, the 43-inch display (assumedly 4K UHD) sits horizontally like any other modern television. However, the display can be rotated 90 degrees in a vertical orientation.

the sero 2

Samsung says that it decided to go this route to court millennials who are obsessed with their portrait-oriented smartphones. Han Jong-hee, who serves as the president of Samsung Display, said, "Samsung will continue introducing screens that respect personal consumer tastes.”

In this portrait orientation, you’ll be able to beam over content from your smartphone (after initially pairing using NFC) to view on the big screen. That should come in handy if you for some reason want to see your mobile Facebook or Instagram large and in charge on a big screen. It’s not a feature that exactly appeals to me, but then again, I’m not a millennial.

the sero 3

Besides its trick screen rotation, The Sero has 4.1 audio with 60-watt speakers along with support for – love it or hate it – the Bixby digital assistant.

According to Samsung, The Sero will be available in its home market of South Korea by the end of May priced at 1.9 million won, or about $1,600.

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