Samsung's 2019 4K And 8K QLED FreeSync Smart TVs Now Available In Sizes Up To 98 Inches

Samsung announced that the 2019 models of its 4K and 8K QLED Smart TVs are now available for purchase. In addition to their high resolution, these TVs also feature a number of other improvements to help enhance image processing and picture quality.
Samsung Q900 65 8K
"Our 2019 QLED line is designed for users who want the best combination of picture quality, smart TV capabilities and design," said Andrew Sivori, VP, TV Product Marketing, Samsung Electronics America. "This year's lineup represents our largest screen size offering ever. It brings together innovative feature enhancements and exciting content and service partnerships to deliver a truly groundbreaking viewing experience and unprecedented value."

In total Samsung released four 4K TVs that will range in size from 43-inches up to 82-inches. There are five models in Samsung's 2019 8K product line, and these displays will range from 65-inches up to an enormous 98-inches. All of these are smart TVs and will support streaming and video playback features. The software interface has been updated over last year's 2018 Samsung TV to include support for iTunes and Apple AirPlay.

Samsung QLED TV

Samsung also incorporated some AI algorithms that will learn from your TV viewing habits and provide recommendations for future content. Gamers should also enjoy these new TVs, as they all come equipped with AMD's FreeSync technology create a more enjoyable gaming experience with fewer graphical anomalies. The Q900 series of 8K TVs gain an extra edge over their 2018 counterparts thanks to an improved processing element. The Quantum Processor used in these TVs is utilized to digitally upscale content from its native resolution to the 8K resolution shown on the screen.

Samsung said these TVs should be available worldwide starting today, but so far most of them remain unavailable from online retailers. The 65" Q900 8K TV is listed for sale directly by Samsung on it's retail site for a steep price of $4,999.99, but no other models are available at this time.