Samsung Under Fire After Galaxy S7 Edge Allegedly Bursts Into Flames

Samsung caught a lot of flak for the failure surrounding the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung vowed to restore confidence in its brand after the Note 7 was recalled and thought to be fixed only to suffer from the same battery overheating and fire issues eventually having to be recalled permanently. More recently an owner of a Galaxy S9 smartphone claimed that his device overheated and caught fire burning his hands. Now another man has alleged via Reddit that his Galaxy S7 Edge has caught fire.

s7 fire

The man claims that he had taken the device out of his pocket to take a picture when the phone froze and shut down. He claims that he tried to turn the device back on for a minute or so and was unable to do so. After failing to get the device to boot up, he laid it on the counter and left it to try later. The man then alleges that only a few seconds after he put the device down, "the whole thing spontaneously went up in flames."

s7 fire split

There were towels nearby that caught fire as well, and the man says he thought his entire kitchen would burn for a bit. After the phone stopped burning the man gathered it up and took it to the local Samsung customer service center in Morocco for assistance but was told nothing could be done for him since the device was purchased two years ago and was out of warranty. Rokhana stated in his Reddit post that he loved his Galaxy S7 Edge and the Galaxy devices that he had owned before, but "I think I'm kinda done with Samsung after this." The man has updated his Reddit post and stated that he had received a request for more information from Samsung and was eventually offered a Galaxy S9 replacement device with the catch that to receive the phone he had to delete all social media posts about the issue. The man says that he declined the offer.

Another Samsung device allegedly caught fire this week that was owned by a woman from New York. In this case, the woman has filed a lawsuit against Samsung claiming that her Galaxy Note 9 "burst into flames." The woman, Diane Chung, claims that her Note 9 "became extremely hot" while she was using it in an elevator. She stopped using the device and dropped it into her bag. She claims to have "heard a whistling and screeching sound" and then noticed thick smoke pouring from her purse. She says that she dropped the bag to the floor and tried to remove the phone from her purse, burning her fingers in the process. Chung says she was "extremely panicked" while trapped in the elevator with a burning phone and thick smoke. Once the elevator stopped, she kicked the phone out of the elevator while it was still burning. Chung is seeking damages from Samsung in her suit and is seeking a restraining order banning the sale of Galaxy Note 9 devices.

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