Samsung Vows To Restore Confidence In Galaxy Brand Following Note7 PR Firestorm

To call the past couple of months "rough" for Samsung would be a huge understatement. When it became clear that its latest (and what was supposed to be greatest) smartphone, the Galaxy Note7, was exploding a little too often, some wondered if Samsung could recover from such bad publicity. Samsung would go on to recall the Galaxy Note7 before eventually pulling it off the market completely.

Samsung, however, has one thing on its side that a lot of companies do not: it is massive. Some of the smaller smartphone vendors would have been wiped clean with an incident like this, but Samsung has its size and deep pockets on its side, so it is looking to put the incident behind it and begin working on rebuilding trust with consumers.

note 7 high res

Ever since all hell broke loose, Samsung has been working hard to remedy the situation as well as it can. Gregory Lee, CEO of Samsung Electronics North America says that the company is currently 80% through its recall, and that the company's "employees have been working 24/7 for the last 50 days to try to make this happen."

An obvious question has risen out of this debacle, and that is how Samsung plans to avoid this kind of issue from ever happening again. Lee elaborates on that as well, stating that future products will undergo even greater scrutiny to ensure incidents like this never take place. Beyond that, Lee says that "We are going to work very hard to regain consumer, customer, carrier, and government trust to rebuild our brand."

Can the company actually pull that off? It seems likely, because while this recall was one of the most crushing we've ever seen in the tech industry, Samsung has amassed a very healthy fanbase over its many years, and it seems unlikely that many will suddenly believe that all of its future products are going to have issues. For Samsung's sake, it is imperative that issues are kept to an absolute minimum in the years ahead, or else the company will be swiftly reminded of its ill-fated Note7.