Samsung Smart Glow Is A Fresh Take On Android LED Notifications

Samsung will soon introduce Smart Glow, an alternative to notification LED’s found on many Android devices. Smart Glow is an illuminated ring around the camera lens which lights up for notifications. The main purpose of the feature is to provide at-a-glance notifications.

Android phones often come with a separate notification LED on the front of the handset that alerts users to missed messages and calls. Most other notifications usually appear on the display screen.


Users will be able to change the color of Smart Glow to display usage alerts, battery status, and other options. Users will simply go their app screen and tap Smart Glow to make the change. The colors of the Smart Glow may vary depending on which function is being used. Users will also be able to tap SETTINGS in order to change the alert mode or activate a display of the battery charging status. If the battery power gets below 15%, Smart Glow will only be used for low power alerts.

Smart Glow will also be able to elevate your selfie game. Users will need to tap the Selfie assist, after which the Smart Glow ring will illuminate in blue when it detects a face. The device will automatically take a photo after two seconds.

It is unclear which phones will receive Smart Glow. This feature was a recent leak and has not been officially announced by Samsung. The Smart Glow leak also noted that not every color and feature will be available in every country. Smart Glow is rumored to appear on the upcoming Galaxy J2 in India, but there is still a possibility it could wind up on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.