Samsung Reportedly Developing VR Headset To Compete With Oculus Rift, Of Course

To the surprise of few, Samsung is reportedly working on a VR headset that would compete with the Oculus Rift (now a Facebook joint) and Sony’s Project Morpheus. (And, for that matter, dark horses like GameFace Labs.)

According to Engadget, this isn’t just a vaporware project; Samsung already has early units in developers’ hands, and a project launch is expected by the end of the year. The device will act as a peripheral paired with Samsung’s high-end smartphones and tablets.

oculus rift
Oculus Rift

There’s not much information about the guts of the VR headset, but it should have an OLED screen and run Android games, and it does not use the Tizen OS. Samsung is reportedly looking to undercut Oculus and Sony on price, and for that matter, it wants to be first to market, too.

Sony's Project Morpheus
Sony's Project Morpheus

Samsung could be well-served by building a simple headset that costs very little and does just enough to wow consumers. In particular, is Samsung is able to work closely with developers and churn out a reasonably large cadre of titles that work very well with the headset, it could be a coup.

GameFace Labs
GameFace Labs' VR headset

Facebook sees the Oculus Rift as a platform, a harbinger of a new way of communicating, and in that sense the project is massive in scope. Perhaps Samsung just wants to put out a fun gaming peripheral, but that would be fine with plenty of consumers who just want to strap on a VR headset and have some fun already instead of just reading about it all the time.