Samsung Recruits Fashion Models To Showcase Sleek, Round Gear S2 Smartwatch

Samsung still isn't ready to launch its next smartwatch, the Gear S2, though it did make sure to tease everyone with a couple of revealing images tossed into a promotional "Lookbook" of mobile devices. Most of the pages are filled with photos of the company's just announced Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Note5 devices, but the round smartwatch is clearly visible on the wrists of fashion models in two of the stills.

You may know the Gear S2 as the Gear A or its codename Orbis. All three monikers refer to the same device, which Samsung designed to make a fashion statement. According to the commentary in the Lookbook, Samsung wanted to take a classic design and spruce it up for the modern era, and then combine it with the latest tech. Form meets function, in other words.

Samsung Gear S2

"This season, Samsung takes a brave step forward by reimagining the classic circular watch, infusing it with functional technology and a touch of creativity," Samsung says. "This new wearable device is a testament of Samsung's continual heritage as a wild innovator -- creating a stunningly unique experience inspired by fashion history."

The focus on fashion isn't surprising, given Samsung's history. Taking a page from Apple, Samsung sparked renewed interest in its struggling Galaxy phone line by switching from plastic construction to a premium design, as showcased by the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Even though the premium digs came at the expense of conveniences like a removable battery and microSD card slot, consumers reacted positively to the new lineup.

Despite the big focus on aesthetic design, Samsung isn't ignoring the tech side. The Gear S2 is will be powered by Samsung's own 1.2GHz Exynos 3472 dual-core processor with Mali-400 MP4 GPU and 768MB of RAM. It will also feature 4GB of built-in storage, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, a bunch of sensors, and a 250 mAh battery.