Samsung Unveils 8K QLED TV With Upscaling So It’s Actually Useful

Progress never stops in the video and TV world with resolutions creeping ever higher. It took a while for us to finally get 1080p programming to support the TVs that had been around for years. Further infrastructure advances took us to 4K resolution TVs, and while there aren't any 4K resolution primetime shows from major networks, owners of those TVs can get their fix with movies, Netflix, streaming content, and digital rentals. Samsung and many other TV makers are looking past 4K TVs into the 8K resolution future.

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As with any new video resolution technology, we are currently in a chicken or the egg situation with there being no 8K content despite Samsung having unveiled its Q900R QLED 8K TVs. Broadcasters and movie makers don’t want to produce content in 8K resolution until there are enough consumers with TVs to support it. Samsung's answer to that dilemma is to integrate 8K upscaling so the shows you already watch can take advantage of the tech until we have native 8K programming in the future.

Samsung is offering the Q900R QLED TV series in four "ultra-large" sizes including 65-, 75-, 82-, and 85-inches. Samsung is integrating 8K-ready features including Real 8K Resolution, Q HDR 8K, and Quantum Processor 8K. All that fancy tech is "created to bring 8K-quality images to life" says Samsung. Other specs of the TV include a very impressive 4,000 nit peak brightness rating. Samsung says that is a standard met by most film studios. Samsung's Q HDR 8K feature offers HDR 10+ tech that optimizes brightness levels to produce pristine colors and images. Samsung's 8K AI Upscaling is proprietary technology that uses artificial intelligence to ensure that contents scales reliably to 8K resolution no matter the source quality or format.

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The Quantum Processor 8K can upscale lower resolution into 8K no matter the input source including streaming content, HDMI, USB, or mobile content mirroring. Samsung also uses an interesting feature called One Invisible Connection that combines the optical and power cable into one cord 5-meters long to make it easier to place the TV. Samsung is mum on the pricing of the TVs at this time, but new tech such as this is always costly and considering the screen sizes the Q900R QLED TVs won’t be cheap. These TVs will be in stores at the end of September with the specific pricing, launch dates and models varying by region.

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