Samsung Q1 Ultra Problems?

It seems that Samsung may be in the process of revising the specs and prices for their upcoming UMPC, the Q1 Ultra.  Sadly, it might be that the specs are going down and the price is going up.  If you've already pre-ordered one of these, you may want to re-evaluate your purchase.
"The first signs of worry for the Q1U-EL came in early June. Retailers began to change the specs for the Q1U-EL before the units started shipping -- the 600MHz A100 processor was tossed in favor of the faster 800MHz A110. The additional 200MHz was a welcome addition for running Windows Vista Home Premium, but the processor switch resulted in a $100 price increase for the device -- even after retailers had taken pre-orders. had offered the Q1U-EL for pre-order at a price tag of $775.99 before a 7% off storewide coupon that many jumped on. Once the spec change was noted, cancelled orders for those that managed to score a Q1U-EL for as little as $722."

Other features that might be left out are the four user defined keys and Bluetooth.
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