Samsung Opening Virtual Reality Production Studio in NYC

Do you think maybe companies are super excited about the prospects of virtual reality? Samsung certainly is, and its efforts aren't stopping at the Gear VR headset it sells, either. Looking at the content creation side of things, the South Korean electronics maker is opening a studio in New York to produce unique programming and to connect a variety of industry players, including filmmakers, content developers, and industry influencers.

Samsung isn't saying a whole lot about its "Samsung Studio" venture, which it announced at the Sundance Film Festival. Only minor details are available—Samsung says it will be located in one of its existing facilities that's currently home to a marketing team, and that it plans to produce new VR experiences.

Samsung Gear VR

"One of the biggest trends and themes for 2016 is virtual reality. At Samsung, we are making VR more accessible by partnering with the best in the industry to deliver a growing library of engaging, rich content for our Gear VR which is all made possible by our latest Galaxy devices," said Marc Mathieu, chief marketing officer at Samsung Electronics America. "We are excited to engage with the creative community at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival to collaborate and amplify viewpoints, content and new technological advancements as we continue to cultivate development in the VR community."

This is about giving Gear VR headset owners content to watch. Much of the VR chatter up to this point has been centered on gaming, though Samsung's hoping to drum up interest in its Gear VR hardware and platform by taking a different approach. The full extent of Samsung's plans have yet to be revealed, but expect some creative and immersive content to emerge from its collaboration with indie partners and bigwigs alike.

We've already seen a taste of this with "Striving for Greatness," a recently released 12-minute documentary featuring LeBron James. The 360-video gets viewers up close and personal with LeBron as he discusses and showcases his workouts.