Behold The Samsung Odyssey Ark 55, An Outrageous 55-Inch Curved 165Hz Mini LED Display With A Trick

odyssey ark side
Do you like the Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 curved gaming monitor that we reported on Sunday? Well, would you like it more if it were gigantic, like, say, 55"? If that works for you, then check out the Samsung Odyssey Ark 55, a positively titanic curved gaming monitor.

As you could probably surmise from the name, the Odyssey Ark 55 is a gigantic 55" display with 4K resolution (16:9 aspect ratio). It has an extremely tight curved shape; Samsung measures it at 1000R, meaning that the circle created by a ring of these monitors would be just two meters across. Samsung describes the Odyssey Ark 55 as "a next-generation flexible monitor perfect for people doing everything".

What that translates to in terms of the specifications, we'll have to wait and see as Samsung isn't divulging those details just yet. All of that makes a lot of sense when you learn that this is one of the first displays to use "Quantum Mini LED" technology. We've been hearing about Micro LED for awhile, and this isn't quite that, but it's the next step along the road, anyway.

odyssey ark above
Now THAT'S a curved display... (click to enlarge)

The included stand has height, pivot, tilt, and rotation functionality. Samsung describes it as a "cockpit-style rotating display," and says that it provides a "new gaming experience," although we can't imagine using such a sharply-curved display in portrait orientation.

It also features a wireless remote control that Odyssey Ark owners can use to manipulate the on-screen display as well as the monitor's lighting features, and a "Multiview" feature that seems to allow users to adjust with some detail how the image is displayed on the monitor, with a "totally adaptable screen size to fit the game" or program.

We're told there are a few other mystery features Samsung is considering, but has not committed to at the moment.

Samsung hasn't revealed the price or availability of the Odyssey Ark 55 yet.