Samsung Looks To Recover With Galaxy S8 Powered By Its Own AI Digital Assistant

Following the debacle that was the Galaxy Note7, Samsung has a huge PR fire to put out, and looks towards a challenging future as it tries to regain trust with its customers. But given the sheer magnitude of its mobile recall, making people forget its past transgressions is going to prove quite the exercise.

However, we are now find out one of the company's plans that could help get the public back on its side: infusing its Galaxy S8 with an incredibly powerful AI assistant. If this sounds familiar, it's probably because Google's Pixel features the same functionality - AI that's built into the OS, rather than as an add-on.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung's goal would be the same as Google's: to give people a useful AI that can be interacted with (via voice) to help them find various bits of information quickly and easily. Samsung has apparently kept mum on explicit features that would be included with its AI assistant, though it doesn't take much imagination to believe that it'd replicate a lot of what Google has implemented into its Pixel. We hope there will be a surprise or two, as well - especially as Samsung needs to begin "wowing" crowds again.

The Galaxy S8 is expected to launch "early next year", which means the AI assistant could be only a couple of months away. It's also reported that the AI solution won't be Samsung-exclusive: it will be able to interact with a number of third-party services to bolster its overall use. Even so, whatever solution Samsung conjures up is going to have some stiff competition - Google is a world leader in AI, while Microsoft and Apple both have competent solutions of their own with Cortana and Siri respectively for mobile platforms.