Samsung To Blanket Laptop Market With Brilliant New OLED Displays For 2021

Samsung Display OLED Laptop
A staple of a premium laptop is an OLED display. Not all premium laptops leverage OLED, but the ones that do tend to stand out from the crowd, like Dell's XPS 13 we reviewed last year. Expect to see more laptops sporting OLED screens in 2021. Helping to make it happen, Samsung is planning to unveil more than half a dozen new OLED displays for laptops at CES 2021.

From Samsung's vantage point, there is an expanded opportunity to shovel OLED displays into the laptop marketplace, due to rallying demand for laptops as more people find themselves working from home, engaging in online education, and of course gaming.

"Just as Samsung’s OLED displays have outstripped LCDs in design elegance and higher image quality to dominate the smartphone market, we aim to increase our laptop OLED presence with greater consumer value, size diversity and technological innovation," said Sung-chul Kim, president and head of the Mobile Display Business at Samsung Display.

Noting "increased size diversification" in the laptop market, Samsung says its expanded OLED lineup will include 13.4-inch, 14-inch, and 16-inch screens, in addition to more traditional 13.3-inch and 15.6-inch form factors. The 16-inch display option is especially intriguing. The 17.3-inch form factor is not as popular as it once was, and it will be interesting to see what kind of demand exists for 16-inch laptops.

As for OLED in general, Samsung anticipates a five-fold increase in OLED laptop display sales. There is no mention of pricing, but in the TV segment, we have seen OLED prices fall recently. It stands to reason that OLED laptops will become a bit more affordable this year as well, especially if Samsung is anticipating such a big bump in sales.

OLED displays are desirable because the image quality is typically superior to that of even the best LCD screens. They are capable of deeper blacks and offer ultra-fast response times.

CES will be a virtual event this year, running from January 11-14.