Samsung Kicks Off Enterprise Alliance Program

Enterprise is important, too, you know? So does Samsung, who took the opportunity this week to unveil a new Enterprise Alliance Program, hailed as a new ecosystem for enterprise mobility partners. Jongshin Kim, Vice President of Media Solution Center at Samsung Electronics, explained it as such: "We are delighted to announce our enterprise mobility partnership program to provide our enterprise partners with differentiated benefits to build the ecosystem collaboratively in the enterprise mobility market. We will continue to work closely with our partners to improve and expand the program together." Ken Daniels, Sr. Director of Strategic Alliances at Samsung Telecommunications America, elaborated: "The Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program is a true testament to Samsung’s growing and influential enterprise presence and our dedication to facilitating a cooperative environment for our business-to-business partners. Our new program aims to not only redefine the relationships between Samsung and its enterprise partners, but in doing so, to ultimately enhance the experience of employees and consumers who utilize our enterprise-ready devices."

Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program is designed to provide enterprise solution partners with the opportunity to implement their solutions on Samsung mobile devices more efficiently, market solutions together with access to Samsung’s global network of distribution and marketing assets, and innovate and differentiate user experience through deeper integration with Samsung devices.

Membership of the Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program is divided into four tiers. Depending on different tiers of membership, the program provides enterprise partners with a wide range of benefits, including technical support for solution development on Samsung mobile devices, joint marketing and sales support through Samsung’s enterprise mobility website, and enterprise mobility focused events to ultimately develop business opportunities together. Timed with the announcement of Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program, Samsung Mobile celebrates a portfolio of new business-to-business partnerships that span a diverse collection of industries including transportation, logistics, education, and consumer goods and services.