Samsung Further Clarifies Critical Markers In Identifying If Your New Galaxy Note7 Is Safe

note 7 high res
Samsung has its hands full when it comes to dealing with the fallout from its global Galaxy Note7 recall campaign. However, the company is trying to make it easier for customers to determine if their brand new Galaxy Note7 smartphone is safe to use, and won’t all of a sudden burst into flames while charging.

Samsung Australia put out some preliminary details on replacement stock earlier this month, but Samsung’s global press office has now issued the official rundown on changes that have been made to new Galaxy Note7 stock that will distinguish them from their fire-prone forebears.

The first and most obvious change comes with the retail box for the Galaxy Note7. There will be a bold, black square located on the product label right next to the proof of purchase. There is no mention of the blue “S” that was identified earlier by Samsung Australia.

galaxy note7 label

The other changes which will differentiate new stock from old stock will take place in software. Samsung is introducing a new green battery icon “to help users easily understand if they have a new device and use their new Galaxy Note7 with confidence." The green battery icon will be visible in the Status Bar, the Always On Display screen, and when shutting off your device using the Power Off prompt screen.

galaxy note7 battery icon

Samsung has also launched a new Galaxy Note7 recall site that allows you to enter in your device’s IMEI to see if it is part of the global recall. You can obtain your IMEI by entering *#06# into the dialer app.

Samsung goes on to state, “Our highest priority is the safety of our customers, and we strongly urge Galaxy Note7 users to immediately participate in the replacement program based on local availability.”