Samsung Gets Serious About Mobile Malware, Partners With Lookout Mobile Security

Samsung has previously rolled out a mobile security solution with KNOX, which is for Android devices and has been marketed to enterprises, primarily aimed at enhancing security amidst the BYOD trend. Earlier this year, KNOX was deemed a strong enough solution on Samsung mobile devices that the U.S. government approved it for use in governmental agencies and the military.

Samsung is beefing up the solution even further now thanks to a partnership with Lookout Mobile Security. “Wherever KNOX will be, Lookout will be there, too,” wrote Lookout’s John Hering in a blog post.

KNOX offers measures such as secure boot, continuous monitoring of the Linux kernel, and KNOX Container to keep business and personal apps separate. Lookout’s contribution will include scanning for malware in apps, file attachments, and on the SD card; blocking malicious websites and cutting off phishing scams; ensuring that click-to-call links are safe; knowing which apps can access your private information; and offering the ability to wipe data if the need arises. Lookout can also help you locate your mobile device if it’s lost or stolen.

Lookout security

Mobile device security is an obvious need in the enterprise and also for individuals because of the nature of mobile devices--i.e., they’re terribly easily lost or stolen--but there’s also a growing malware threat for Android devices. The FBI and DHS have identified Android devices as prime for mobile malware attacks, and one study from Juniper Networks found that the Android platform is home to some 92% of all mobile malware.

A little added mobile security could go a long way.