Samsung Gets Perpendicular With Freefall Sensing Hard Drives

Hard drive shuts itself off after detecting the laws of gravity

Samsung introduced today two new lines of hard drives featuring an optional free-fall sensor. The M80 SATA Series and M80 Series drives can optionally be fitted with a free-fall sensor that will park the drive and turn it off upon sensing a drop of 30cm or about a foot. Both lines use Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR) technology and come in a 2.5" form factor.

The M80 SATA and M80 Series are Samsung's first hard drives based on PMR technology. Unlike traditional longitudinal recording technology, which lays data bits end to end where they can flip and corrupt data on the disc, PMR technology places the data bits perpendicular to the disc, which reduces the corruption factor. In addition, by placing the data bits standing on end, more data can fit onto a disc, allowing for greater storage capacity.

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