Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Flaunts A Sweet Hinge Upgrade In Leaked Renders

galaxy z fold 5 leak
Google is on the verge of releasing its first foldable, but it won't have long in the limelight before Samsung comes roaring back. The company has already announced its next Unpacked event for July 26, but we don't have to wait to get a glimpse of the Galaxy Z Fold 5. A new leak purports to show an official render of the device, which sports a much more compact hinge design.

Samsung is one of the few OEMs that has taken foldables seriously, releasing at least one every year since 2019. All the tablet-style foldables in the Z Fold line have used the same basic hinge design, which leaves a gap between the two halves. The image posted by MySmartPrice shows a phone with no gap when closed.

The render features the alleged Z Fold 5 in a light blue color, which is a nice change from the dark greens, reds, and blacks Samsung has used for the past several years. The internal foldable screen has very minimal bezels, and it'll still support the S Pen. However, we cannot see the front cover display.

Take a look at the shape of the phone when closed. The current Z Fold 4 (below) tapers outward on the hinge side, which is several millimeters thicker than the opposite end. This gives the phone a narrow radiused screen fold, leading to a distinct crease when open. Moving to a gapless hinge suggests that Samsung could be moving to a water drop fold, making the crease less visible.

z fold4 15
The Z Fold 4's hinge is much wider than the rest of the phone.

The leaked image otherwise looks like the same Z Fold design we've had for the past several years. We expect this phone will have a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, a 7.6-inch internal screen, and a 6.2-inch cover display. Following the July 26 unveiling, rumors point to an August 11 release date. Usually, Samsung provides the best discounts, bonuses, and trade-in values for those who pre-order the device right away. That can make the obscene price tag a little easier to swallow. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 was $1,800, and we expect the Fold 5 to be similar.