Samsung Galaxy X Smartphone With Foldable Display Revealed Via Patent Filing

If you thought Samsung was going to fold after its Galaxy Note7 debacle played out, you'd be partially right. As has been rumored for quite some time, Samsung has been hard at work on a new smartphone concept that would allow its users to fold it up to save on space. We're not talking flip-phones here, but a phone that literally folds up like a wallet, thanks to its bendable display.

Now we have even more proof of this concept, as Samsung has filed a patent which shows rendered images - and, for the most part, it looks exactly as you'd expect:

Samsung Foldable Phone

As seen in the render, the middle of the phone is essentially a hinge that allows the entire device to fold in half - but not perfectly. When folded, you'll create a gap, similar to how the Surface Book functions. That means that technically, debris can get in this gap when stowed, but as we already put our phones with their completely exposed displays in our pockets, this really shouldn't prove too problematic.

It's been no secret that foldable smartphones has been a desire of many vendors, but we question the validity of them. Who is such a phone targeted at? Is space such an issue that such a device, with its odd design, is actually needed? If the phone could close up without a gap, we could make the excuse that we can easily protect the screen, but that's not the case.

So that bears an obvious question: are you looking forward to foldable phones? And what about them in particular would make you opt for one over a standard design?