Samsung Galaxy S9 And S9+ Owners Complain Of Dead Spots On Infinity Displays

Samsung Galaxy S9

We have probably said it a million times by now, but Samsung's Super AMOLED displays are some of the best looking panels on mobile, bar none. The same is true of the company's newest flagship phones, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, though unfortunately the experience is being marred for some due to an unknown issue that is causing the parts of the touchscreen to be unresponsive.

"Does anyone else have issues with the Galaxy S9 touchscreen? I've got a few dead spots on the bottom half of my screen. Getting a replacement phone shipped but do wonder if it is bad luck or a more common issue with the phone," a user asked on Samsung's community forums.

Other have chimed in with complaints of the same symptom, though strangely enough, not everyone is experiencing the apparent flaw in the same part of the display. Some complain that the bottom half has a tendency to go dead, while others say it's the top half that is not working correctly. One of the users who has the issue said it affects his phones on the sides, top, and bottom, "which isn't too bad because if the first touch doesn't register, the second will."

The good news for Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ owners who are affected by this is that Samsung is aware of the issue, and looking into it.

"At Samsung, customer satisfaction is core to our business and we aim to deliver the best possible experience. We are looking into a limited number of reports of Galaxy S9/S9+ touchscreen responsiveness issues. We are working with affected customers and investigating. We encourage any customer with questions to contact us directly at 1-800-SAMSUNG," the company said in a statement.

At least one user claims that his replacement device from Samsung not only exhibits the same problem as the one he exchanged, but that it is even worse on the new handset. Another user says that factory resetting the phone worked. Hopefully that means this is something that Samsung can fix with a software update, but we'll have to wait and see.