Samsung Galaxy S6 To Reportedly Sport All-New Design With Glass Front, Back

There have been an almost overwhelming number of rumors floating around about Samsung's Galaxy S6 these past few months, and until the release date hits, they're not going to stop. Today, we can relish yet another, one that could anger, or excite, depending on what you want in a phone.

Korean tech site DDaily reports that Samsung is going to be adopting some older iPhone-esque design cues with its S6. That'd be taken care of by implementing a glass front and back, as well as rounding out the package with a metal rim.

Samsung Galaxy S5 White

If true, this would be a huge step away from Samsung's traditional flagship styling -- it's as though the company would want to give the device an even more premium feel, so as to lure those from the opposing camps (especially Apple) on over.

While improved looks would generally be welcomed by anyone, there are potential problems with this design. Glass backs, for example, make the phone less easy to handle, and intensifies the need to wrap it in a protective case (which completely negates the attractive styling). For that reason, many might be upset with Samsung if this rumor proves true.

Regardless of what the S6's design turns out to look like, there's a good chance it will be considered a refreshing change.