Samsung’s Galaxy S6 To Reportedly Feature 5.5” QHD Display, 20MP Rear Camera

The release of Samsung’s Galaxy S6 flagship smartphone is just a few months away, but details about the device are leaking fast. Earlier this week, we learned that the standard Galaxy S6 would be joined by an “Edge” variant similar in concept to the Galaxy Note Edge.

Today, we’re learning the full rundown of specs for the device courtesy of a screenshot from the AnTuTu benchmark. According to this latest leak of the European version of the Galaxy S6, its internal designation is SM-G925F. Rather than sporting a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor — which is destined for U.S. market models — the European version includes a 64-bit octacore Exynos 7420 processor with 3GB of RAM and a Mali-T760 GPU. Other features include 32GB of internal memory, a 20MP rear camera, and a 5MP front camera. 

But perhaps the biggest news is with respect to the Galaxy S6’s display. We already knew that the Galaxy S6 would get an upgrade to QHD (2560x1440) resolution, but the screen size has also been bumped up from 5.1” to 5.5”, putting it within earshot of the 5.7” Galaxy Note 4 (our full review here).

Samsung Galaxy S5 White

Not everyone wants to carry a phablet around in their pocket, so this spec — if true — is likely to be disappointing to many. In addition, a 5.5” screen size doesn’t leave much room to differentiate the Galaxy S6 from the Galaxy Note 4, although Samsung could definitely tweak the design of the smartphone to minimize the screen bezels, making for a more svelte design.

Since the Galaxy S6 represents a return to the drawing board for Samsung design wise (the smartphone is internally known as “Project Zero”), we’re expecting it to adopt more premium materials in its construction as seen in the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Alpha. The plastic-laden design of previous Galaxy smartphones has been widely criticized and the competition has stepped up their game, leaving Samsung’s previous philosophy on materials usage to look a bit antiquated.

With devices like the Galaxy S6, Galaxy 6 Edge, and HTC Hima coming our way in the coming months, it’s definitely an exciting time to be an Android user.