Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Rumored For A Stacked Battery Upgrade And 65W Charging

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Your next Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra may finally have 65W fast charging in a bid to catch up with the likes of Oppo and OnePlus.

According to the rumor mill out of RGClouds on Twitter, the upcoming S24 Ultra could be carrying similar battery technology to that currently found in EVs. Called stacked batteries, these provide greater performance, higher density, and of course, improved charging rates. Samsung's SDI (Samsung Digital Interface) division has had a long history of consumer EV battery design and production, such as those used on Fiats (500e) and BMWs (i3 and i8), so it's only natural (and about time) that Samsung Mobile adopts this so-called "flat jelly roll" or stacked battery design into their devices.

Samsung SDI 2
(Credit: Samsung SDI) Stacked battery design

It's claimed that the new battery setup will provide up to 65W max charging. That's a whole lot healthier than the 45W on the S23. Of course, it still trails far behind what BBK has been doing with their 100W SuperVooC devices, but a near 50% improvement is still very welcome.

Currently, it's claimed that the South Korean facility is charged (get it?) with manufacturing these batteries, with another pilot plant coming online in China as the primary producer. In either case, supply for the battery will be limited.

Thus, the rumor suggests that the S24 Ultra will be the only model getting stacked batteries. Of course, nothing would stop Samsung from including this technology in the regular and Plus S24s, but due to the limited supply, it looks like stacked batteries will be reserved for the top-of-the-line model. It is possible that Samsung could add it to future batches of S24 and S24 Pluses, which in turn would make these versions more sought after especially in the used market.

That said, this rumored new battery initiative could push great battery performance out of Samsung's foldables, for example. Their traditionally smaller batteries could, with stacked batteries, allow higher capacity and charging speeds in similar cell sizes.