Samsung Galaxy S10 Allegedly Leaks In Photos With Infinity O Display

We may have our first look at the actual Infinity O display that could be the standout feature of Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S10 smartphone. A leaked image purporting to be exactly that has surfaced on the web, though it's a blurry, low quality picture, as is often frustratingly the case with these types of things.

The Infinity O display is rumored to introduced a new full-screen design with a punch-hole in the upper-left corner. This punch-hole is said to be a cutout for the front-facing selfie camera, and is key to enabling a notchless design and ditching a traditional bezel. A notch still isn't out of the question, though Samsung sort of backed itself into a corner after it mocked Apple for implementing a notch on its iPhone X series.

Galaxy S10
Purportedly a Samsung Galaxy S10 (left) and ASUS ZenFone 6 (right) - Source: SlashLeaks

The leaked image that appears on SlashLeaks is in line with past rumors—it shows a punch-hole in the bottom-right corner, presumably because the display is upside down in the photo. However, the low quality picture has drawn some skepticism. In the comments section, someone questioned if it was the same photo as the recently leaked ASUS ZenFone 6.

It's possible that someone took the ZenFone 6 image and manipulated it, though that would require a bit more work than just flipping it around and adding blur to the photo—the angles don't match up on the two phones.

In related news, PocketLint cites a report from Korea that the Galaxy S10 will ship in two different display sizes—a 5.8-inch model with flat edges, and a 6.2-inch model with a curved edge design. There's no mention of what the resolution might be on either version.

Samsung has also made a series of patent filings in Korea that hint at the Galaxy S10 having certain under-the-display technologies, most notably a fingerprint sensor. Whether it all comes to fruition, we'll have to wait until next year, probably on or around Mobile World Congress in February.