Samsung Galaxy Note 20 FE Could Allegedly Replace Cancelled Note 21

galaxy note 20
There have been several rumors suggesting that the Galaxy Note family won’t be long for this world. The rumors became even louder when it was confirmed that the Galaxy S21 Ultra would feature [optional] support for the S Pen stylus. 

If a report from DisplaySearch analyst Ross Young is to believed, the fate of the Galaxy Note family might be a bit more complicated. According to Young, what we would have known to be the Galaxy Note 21 and Galaxy Note 21 Ultra have indeed been canceled. Those two smartphones would have served as the flagships for Samsung’s [traditional] 2021 smartphone lineup. However, he now alleges that Samsung is going to throw a curveball by introducing a Galaxy Note 20 Fan Edition (FE) sometime this year.

If we go by previous members in Samsung’s FE family, the Galaxy Note 20 FE would be a cost-reduced version of the current Galaxy Note 20.  The current Galaxy Note 20 starts at $999 and includes a 6.7-inch 1080p display, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of internal storage. The phone also comes with a 4,300 mAh battery. Those specs are already barebones for a device that retails for $999, so we're not sure how much Samsung could pull out of the smartphone to make it cheaper. And the device already employs a plastic body versus the metal and glass of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Young also reckons that with the Galaxy Note 21 and Galaxy Note 21 Ultra out of the picture, and with the Galaxy S21 Ultra gaining S Pen support, the entire Galaxy S21 Series will see a significant boost in sales compared to preceding Galaxy S20 Series. If all the stars are aligned, the Galaxy S21 Series could bring the highest sales for Samsung since the Galaxy S10 Series debuted back in 2019.