Samsung Galaxy Owners Just Got A Major Ally In Batteries Plus For Same-Day Repairs

Hand holding a Samsung Galaxy S23 smartphone in front of other Galaxy S23 phones.
Samsung is expanding its partnership with Batteries Plus to offer authorized, in-warranty repairs at select locations. The big benefit for Galaxy device owners is potentially having access to faster service when something breaks, including same-day repairs in some cases. For those who live near a Batteries Plus location, it means not having to mail a busted Galaxy phone in to Samsung and then waiting potentially weeks for it to be returned.

Batteries Plus has been a part of Samsung's Independent Service Provider (ISP) program for the past five years. However, this new effort turns dozens of Batteries Plus locations into Samsung Authorized Service Centers (ASCs). As an ISP, Batteries Plus mainly handles out-of-warranty repairs. But as an ASC partner, several locations can now offer in-warranty repairs, and on a walk-in basis.

"We know the important role that Galaxy smartphones play in people’s lives, and it can be inconvenient to part with it for an extended time due to repair," said Mark Williams, Vice President of Customer Care at Samsung Electronics America. "Our enhanced partnership with Batteries Plus fills a crucial gap in communities where there isn’t an existing Samsung Care location or other authorized service centers. This means more customers can benefit from our customer-first care experience and get in-warranty repairs."

A repair technician using tweezers on an opened Samsung Galaxy phone.

There are over 700 Batteries Plus stores in the United States and Puerto Rico. Samsung says that 35 of those locations will transform into ASCs this fall, which not only means they can provide in-warranty repairs, but also service more device types including foldables like the Galaxy Z Fold 5.

That's not a lot of stores in the grand scheme of things, but it's at least a start. There's also the potential to add many more locations to the mix. It's not as easy as simply signing an agreement sheet, though. Samsung says that Batteries Plus technicians must undergo "rigorous Samsung Certified training" before a particular location can be promoted to an ASC as part of this expanded partnership.

"Our expanded partnership with Samsung marks a significant milestone for Batteries Plus, taking our long-standing collaboration to a new level. Together, we’re meeting our customers where they live with convenient, expert Samsung device care—and contributing to a more sustainable future," said Scott Williams, CEO & President of Batteries Plus.

You can find qualified locations by heading to Samsung's Service Center portal, selecting your product that needs repair, and then entering in your ZIP code. From there, you can toggle between ASC and ISP locations. You're mileage will vary—where I live in Tennessee, my local Batteries Plus store is an ISP, though there's another one that is listed as an ASC a little over 17 miles away.