Samsung Galaxy F Foldable Gaming Phone Patent Reveals Trick Rotating Game Controller

samsung gaming folding phone 3
Unless you've been living under a rock for the past six months, then you know that Samsung has a folding smartphone coming that will be unveiled in its production form at an event in New York City late next month. The smartphone, which many in the industry expect to be called the Galaxy F, will likely the first in a family of Galaxy smartphones with folding displays.

With that in mind, Samsung just filed a patent -- which was originally discovered by LetsGoDigital -- for a folding smartphone that appears to be targeted primarily at gamers. Gaming phones have grown in popularity over the past year with entries fielded by RazerASUSXiaomi and others. What makes this Samsung concept so intriguing -- besides its folding display -- is the fact that it also has a rotating controller attachment.

samsung gaming folding phone 2

The controller is mounted at the bottom of the display (when held in portrait mode) and is usually not seen. However, the user can flip the attachment 180 degrees bringing the D-pad and six buttons into view. Because this is a folding display, users will be able to game with the display folded in half, which is a close approximation to gaming in landscape mode on a smartphone today, or in portrait mode with the display fully unfurled.

This is a rather interesting concept, and gives gamers the physical controls they desire without having to deal with a detachable accessory or a wireless controller. However, it remains to be seen if users would want to deal the rotating controller accessory getting in the way when they're trying to perform traditional smartphone tasks.

samsung gaming folding phone 1

There's no guarantee that a phone like one pictured above will make it to production, but it's nice to see that Samsung is at least paying attention to the needs of the mobile gaming community. You can view Samsung Display patent right here.

As for the Galaxy F, the smartphone will be unveiled on February 20th, and features a primary 7.3-inch Infinity Flex folding display with a resolution of 2152x1535. There is also a secondary 4.58-inch (840x1960) display that can show information when the smartphone is folded shut.

(Rendered Images Courtesy LetsGoDigital)