Samsung Seemingly Confirms Galaxy F Folding Phone Reveal Coming At February Unpacked Event

infinity flex display 2
Late last week, Samsung announced that it would be holding an event on February 20th to mark the launch of the Galaxy S10 smartphone. The invitations that were sent out left no doubt of Samsung's intentions with a big stylized "10" prominently positioned.

Although there were no mentions made about the incoming Galaxy F folding smartphone, we all presumed that the device would also make an appearance at the event. Now, however, Samsung has seemingly confirmed the Galaxy F will launched alongside the Galaxy S10 family in a new blog post.

samung unpacked billboard

The company has erected a number of billboards in Paris' famed Place de la Concorde, and as Samsung explains, "When translated, the intriguing messages '미래를펼치다' and '이월이십일' are revealed to say, 'The future unfolds' and 'February twentieth.'"

Samsung is throwing out a very strong hint that the Galaxy F will in fact be on display a little over a month from now. It's interesting that Samsung would choose the Galaxy S10's coming out party to unveil the production version of the Galaxy F, as the latter is sure to greatly overshadow the former.

infinity flex display 1

With that being said, the Galaxy S10 likely won't have much to worry about with regards to any sales encroachment by the Galaxy F. It's rumored that the folding smartphone will be priced anywhere from around $1,500 to as high as $2,500 according to various reports. The Galaxy S10, however, should launch at well below the $1,000 mark in its cheapest variant, the Galaxy S10 Lite.

Although the Galaxy F was first unveiled to us in disguised prototype form back in early November, we do know that it will have a primary Infinity Flex folding display that measures 7.3 inches when unfurled and have a resolution of 2152x1535. There will also be a secondary display on the outside of the smartphone that measures 4.58 inches with an 840x1960 resolution.