Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 Renders Leak Hints At A Battery Upgrade

hero Galaxy Z Flip6 5K2 scaled
A leaked render of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 has broken cover with one very promising detail. Sure, it looks like Samsung isn't pushing new boundaries with its design language (again), but the device is thicker all-round. Could this mean that the Flip 6 will finally get decent battery life or is the extra space for something else altogether?

No sooner did we see leaked images of the Galaxy Z Fold 6, CAD renders of the Z Flip 6 have just been posted revealing that Samsung isn't straying too far from its tried-and-true formula for its smartphones. Like Apple, the Korean company is happy with refining and improving its product lineup in small, evolutionary steps. In the case of the Flip 6 flippable, we're talking about pretty much a repeat of dimensions and display sizes for both the cover and main displays, re-engineered hinge assembly, with improved internals like a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3.

Samsung galaxy Z flip6

According to the leaked report, while the exterior dimension are nearly identical to the Flip 5, a notable difference in thickness of 7.4mm (versus 6.9mm in the Flip 5) could point to a large battery pack. Despite sharing similar sizes to regular phones when unfolded, the nature of the two halves in flip phones means battery cells have to be smaller. It's the reason why Samsung Flips haven't particularly been known for their screen-on-times. Having a nice capacity increase would definitely go a long way, not just for time spent away from the charger, but also towards moving foldables and flippables away from being enthusiast/niche products to more mainstream adoption.

One thing that this leak doesn't touch on is the main camera array. In the digital renders, the camera modules look identical, but could the added device thickness lead to space for bigger camera sensors or even a periscope lens? Even if Samsung doesn't innovate with the design, having a significantly bigger battery AND competitive cameras would be a smart move.

Of course, all this is just rumored information, so things could easily change. The phone is expected to official go live in the Summer along with its Fold 6 sibling.