Samsung Gives A First Look At Its Galaxy Ring Fitness Wearable At Unpacked 2024

hero samsung ring
Samsung unveiled its newest lineup of Galaxy smartphones at its Unpacked event this week, and then ended the event with a teaser of its upcoming Galaxy Ring. The tech giant didn’t give away too much info about the smart device, but did at least offer a sneak peek at what it will look like.

Samsung's Unpacked event was filled with talk about AI and how Samsung is integrating it into the daily lives of people. The main focus was centered on Samsung’s new S24 family of smartphones, with the S24 Ultra taking center stage. However, at the end of the festivities, the company shared a render at what is coming next, pointing a finger toward its Galaxy Ring.

All the company really announced in terms of the Galaxy Ring was that it exists, and it will have an AI focus, just like its smartphone siblings. However, a trademark patent by Samsung concerning the ring might give a little more insight into what Samsung has in store.

The patent states, “Samsung Galaxy Ring trademark registration is intended to cover the categories of wearable smart devices in the nature for tracking, measuring, monitoring, and uploading health, fitness and sleep related information.”

One possibility is that Samsung wants to provide an alternative to those who prefer wearing a ring over a smartwatch, but still want to keep track of their health, fitness, and sleep goals. Other companies seemed to share this sentiment at CES 2024, with two brands standing out from the rest.

One of those companies was South Korea-based VTouch, which demoed its Kickstarter-bound WHSP Ring. This innovative smart ring allows wearers to issue commands to the smart device without having to raise their voice in public. The WHSP ring works with the aid of gyroscopic and proximity sensors, plus a mic which is activated when the wearer raises their ring close to their mouth. Its focus is said to be on being a chat AI-powered assistant, that will help answer questions, organize a schedule, among other tasks. However, there are no health or fitness functions built-in, which many believe to be a huge miss.

The other company unveiling a smart ring at CES was Amazfit. Its Helio Ring can be used independently for tracking heart rate, sleep, athletic recovery, and tracking workouts, or as a compliment to the company’s smartwatch for collecting more in-depth data and analysis. Amazfit did not give a potential release date or any pricing details.

Hopefully, more will be known in the near future about Samsung’s Galaxy Ring, and the other smart rings that are entering the market. Until then, we can all keep our fingers crossed they won’t cost an arm and leg as well.