Samsung Filings Hint At Galaxy S24 Being An AI Phone

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Samsung will likely reveal the Galaxy S24 family in early 2024, and we already know it plans to integrate AI features with the phones. However, a new report illustrates just how much Samsung will embrace AI. According to some new trademark filings, Samsung will market the S24 as an "AI Phone." Hopefully, this works out better for Samsung than the Metaverse phone did for HTC.

With every new mobile chipset refresh, we hear about a more capable neural processing unit (NPU) that can accelerate AI applications by some impressive factor—it was 98% for the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. Despite all this machine learning prowess, there were very few apps or services that could leverage local AI processing on a smartphone. That's starting to change.

Samsung announced recently that it is developing a generative AI system for the S24 known as Gauss. It's been vague on the specifics, while claiming that Galaxy AI will transform your mobile experience. It offered examples like automatically translating a phone call, generating a photo background, and writing code.

Samsung is taking AI very seriously. At Galaxy Club (Dutch), they've uncovered new trademark applications. In them, Samsung seeks trademark protection for the terms "AI Phone" and "AI Smartphone" in the UK and EU. It seems Samsung is so sure this is an important step for smartphones that it wants to secure marketing terminology early. However, these are fairly generic terms—with the current fervor over all things AI, it might not be able to convince regulators to approve the application.

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Samsung has also pre-announced a major camera upgrade, which will use the S24 Ultra's 200MP image sensor for more effective zooming that can maintain a 4K resolution while tracking a subject. We're also expecting up to 2TB of storage and faster 65W charging speeds. We should have all the final details in a couple of months.