Samsung FED/LCD To Displace SED, LED, LCD, CRT TV. E I E I O

Samsung is trying to marry nanotube technology to LCD displays and make great looking, inexpensive screens. They're in a footrace with all the other manufacturers to determine what kind of technology will ultimately sit in your living room and bore or entertain you:

The prototype essentially represents the marriage of two separate avenues of TV technology and could help dramatically lower the cost of LCD TVs in the future. Samsung has already been experimenting with carbon nanotube TVs called field-emitter displays, or FEDs. In such TVs, thousands of nanotubes shoot electrons onto a phosphorescent screen to illuminate images. Carbon nanotubes are hollow molecules of intricately arranged carbon atoms that that have fairly remarkable properties. They conduct electricity better than metal, are stronger than steel and can emit light.

They're working on this at the enormous and fascinating Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology in South Korea right now. In North Korea, they're half starved and turn the electricity off at dusk. This is why you vote, people. It's November 7th. Get out and vote for the American version of the people that will bring you big bright screens cheaply, and against the folks that will have you starving in the dark. It's up to you to decide who's who. Vote!


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