Samsung Debuts Ultra-Fast 128GB Universal Flash Storage For Smartphones

Digital photos and videos aren't consuming any less space these days, and as 4K recording grows in popularity, so too will our storage needs. Luckily Samsung is on top of things on the mobile front -- the company today announced that it's now mass producing the industry's first 128GB ultra-fast embedded memory based on the Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 2.0 standard for tomorrow's flagship handsets.

Not only will this lead to larger capacity smartphones, it will also improve performance on storage side chores. UFS memory utilizes "Command Queue," a technology that boosts the speed of command execution in SSDs through a serial interface to significantly increase data processing speeds compared to the 8-bit parallel interface-based eMMC standard.

Samsung UFS Memory

According to Samsung, its UFS memory hits 19,000 IOPS for random reads, which is 2.7 times faster than eMMC 5.0, the common memory standard in phones today. And for random writes, it hits 14,000 IOPS, which is a whopping 28 times faster than a conventional external memory card. In terms of a real-world impact, Samsung's UFS memory is fast enough to handle 4K Ultra HD video and multitasking functions at the same time.

"With our mass production of ultra-fast UFS memory of the industry’s highest capacity, we are making a significant contribution to enable a more advanced mobile experience for consumers," said Jee-ho Baek, Senior Vice President of Memory Marketing, Samsung Electronics. “In the future, we will increase the proportion of high-capacity memory solutions, in leading the continued growth of the premium memory market.”

Samsung's UFS embedded memory comes in 128GB, 64GB, and 32GB capacities, double that of the current eMMC lineup.