Samsung CJ79 QLED Curved Thunderbolt 3 Monitor Launches At IFA 2018

Samsung has been rolling out several curved computer monitors recently with the C32JG5 and C27JG5 displays being unveiled at Gamescom 2018 last week. Samsung has now announced that it will be delivering another curved monitor that is the first of its kind to have Thunderbolt 3 connectivity and it is called the CJ79 (C34J791). This monitor was seen at CES 2018 earlier this year and Samsung is aiming the display at business and creative users wanting a comfortable and efficient work experience.

cj79 brick

Samsung's CJ79 display will work with both Mac and PCs and has a pair of Thunderbolt 3 ports that can transmit display, data, and power at speeds up to 40 Gbps or about eight times faster than USB 3.0. Thunderbolt 3 ports can charge devices up to 85 watts while data and display transmit via a single cable.

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Resolution for the big 34-inch monitor is 3440 x 1440, and it has a 21:9 aspect ratio. Samsung says that is plenty of screen space to allow for multitasking with multiple documents or browsers open at the same time on the screen. CJ79 monitors also support Picture-by-Picture allowing two sources to display at once. Picture-in-Picture mode supports resizing the second source up to 25% of the screen and position it anywhere you want on the screen.

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The display has a 1,500R curve to it that is designed to follow the natural curve of the eye for more immersion and comfort when viewing. Samsung fits the display with a height-adjustable stand with tilt functionality. Quantum Dot technology in the display allows for 125% sRGB color spectrum, and the monitor has a 3,000:1 contrast ratio with support for AMD FreeSync to synchronize refresh rate for graphics cards to the CJ79 for reduced image tearing and stutter. In addition to the Thunderbolt 3 ports, the display also has a trio of USB-C ports, HDMI input, DisplayPort, and dual USB 3.0 ports.

cj79 laptop
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Samsung has a similar, but larger, CJ89 (C43J89) monitor that has a 43-inch screen and 3840 x 1200 resolution and a 32:10 aspect ratio with an integrated KVM switch and USB-Type C ports. A larger C49J890 offers a 49-inch display and 3840 x 1080 resolution. Pricing on all monitors is unannounced currently for the U.S. market.