Samsung Boasts “New Era” Of Electronics With New Method Of Synthesizing Graphene

Graphene is a sort of super material for electronics; it’s thin, durable, light, transparent, and flexible, and Samsung says that it’s developed a way to synthesize the substance so it can speed of the commercial development of graphene and thereby usher in a new era of electronics development.

Samsung noted that graphene has “one hundred times greater electron mobility than silicon” and is ideal for flexible displays and wearable computing devices.

Samsuing flexible displays
Maybe someday soon?

The breakthrough came from the company’s Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) partnership with Sungkyunkwan University. “The new method developed by SAIT and Sungkyunkwan University synthesizes large-area graphene into a single crystal on a semiconductor, maintaining its electric and mechanical properties,” reads the announcement. “The new method repeatedly synthesizes single crystal graphene on the current semiconductor wafer scale.”

Graphene lattice
Graphene lattice

Samsung’s announcement of its breakthrough technology comes off as somewhat breathlessly grandiose, and it can be hard to get too excited about something as esoteric as a new manufacturing process, but make no mistake: Samsung is driving hard at maintaining its prominence in the tech world, and delivering electronics that are light, flexible, strong, and powerful is a great way to do that.