Samsung Accidentally Reveals Three New Products

Someone snooping around Samsung's Mobile Unpacked application has discovered a trio of logos for potential devices to be unveiled at the IFA trade show in September.

The names on the logos are listed as "Samsung Galaxy Note," "Samsung Wave 3," and "Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7." These suggest that the company plans on announcing three new devices during its press conference on September 1: a new phone with Samsung's own Bada OS, a new Android tablet that will likely have a 7.7-inch screen based off of the current naming system, and a mysterious new device known only as the Galaxy Note. Based off of the name, it could perhaps be an e-reader, or a tab with a stylus.

The images were found inside of application package, although the logos are all that were found. Samsung urges users to update the app on September 1, which is when the company's unveiling at the IFA conference is scheduled, so the relevant press releases and specifications will probably be released at that time.

Samsung Wave 2 with Bada OS

It seems odd that Samsung would still continue to produce devices with the company's proprietary Bada OS, given the success of Android on its Galaxy line, so it will be interesting to see if the Wave 3 carries on the legacy of the previous two phones. 

Eager readers will get answers to the mysteries surrounding these new devices next week, during the IFA conference in Berlin.