Samsung 19 Inch USB Only LCD?

Some of you may say "that just ain't right!" and we'd have to agree completely.  However the folks at Samsung think there's a market for a USB-only LCD panel.  Here's the G2 from the folks at EverythingUSB.  Ermm... They would know, we suppose.


"The catch is that Samsung does not say how they intend to process the graphics. Odds are the graphics for the USB display will be processed on the CPU. That means less performance for both graphically demanding applications and the PC as a whole will take a performance hit. The CPU is not the place to process graphics that require lots of floating point operations that the CPU is not designed to run."

Ya think??  They better have another method of graphics processing because the only ones that will buy it are just a few geeks on Wall Street or elsewhere in the business sector maybe.  And those geeks have money; money for LCDs and graphics cards that go together.