Sam's Club to Carry Xoom Tablet at Discounted Price

Who would have thought that Apple's trump card in the emerging tablet war would be price? Starting this Friday, you'll be able to pick up an iPad 2 starting at $500, and if you simply can't wait, Apple's getting rid of existing iPad 1 stock starting at $400. By comparison, you'll have to fork over $600 for Motorola's Wi-Fi only Xoom tablet, which also happens to be the first slate built around Google's Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) platform. Advantage, Apple?

Not so fast. Word on the Web is that Sam's Club plans to sell the Xoom for $539. That's $60 lower than what Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha said it would go for just two weeks earlier. Of course, you'll need a Sam's Club membership to purchase a Xoom at that price, but if you already have one, this is looking to be the best deal around for a Xoom. And if you don't already have a membership, something like this might be what convinces you to finally get one. Just think, with a Sam's Club membership, you can stock up on a year's worth of toilet paper on the cheap, which is only fitting since both will end up being used in the same room anyway.