Elite Russian Cybercrime Forums Ironically Hacked, Critical User Data Leaked

russian cybercrime forums hacked and data released
When we report on cybersecurity breaches, all too often it involves innocent individuals (or companies) that are on the receiving end of the attack. Such is the case with Chinese hackers that exploited Microsoft Exchange servers. Now, it appears that a hacker vigilante has breached four long-running and venerated Russian cybercrime forums. In two of the hacks, the vigilante made off with the forums’ user databases, which could prove to be problematic for the black-hat hackers on the forums.

Earlier in the week, thousands of usernames, email addresses, and encrypted passwords were leaked on the dark web, and they all seemed to come from an “exclusive crime forum that has for more than a decade played host to some of the most experienced and infamous Russian cyberthieves," according KrebsonSecurity. “Members of all three forums are worried the incidents could serve as a virtual Rosetta Stone for connecting the real-life identities of the same users across multiple crime forums.”

russian cybercrime forums hacked and data released krebsonsecurity
Data Leak Alert On Russian Forum Courtesy Of KrebsOnSecurity

According to Intel 471, a security research firm, some of the data is legitimate, which points to the possibility that the remaining stolen data is legitimate as well. No one at this time has claimed responsibility for the attack, but it is still rather impressive. Perhaps it is an organization or government executing the attacks, but the theft of cryptocurrency is also involved, which does not quite add up.

Ultimately, whoever is responsible for the attacks has effectively rattled a hornet’s nest, and there may be quite a bit of fallout as a result. Perhaps the hacker(s) will get stung in the process, but it may just be worth it in the end. We will have to see how this situation plays out in the coming days, stay tuned for updates.