Rumor: NBC Back To iTunes?

As with all rumors, please take the following news item with a grain of salt until we can receive official confirmation or denial from Apple or NBC Universal.

NBC and Apple parted ways after negotiations broke down between the two companies last year over an alleged pricing dispute.  NBC has since explored numerous distribution options, and it seems that they might have discovered that iTunes may not have been so bad after all.

“It is obvious right now that iTunes is the preferred method for consumers who want to buy digital music and video. Much of the success is being driven by the iPod family of devices. While no specific details of the deal were released, the initial split was said to be over the fact that both Universal and NBC wanted more money for their content. While we don’t know if they got a bigger slice of the pie or not, the main thing is that they are back on iTunes; so we will not miss any episodes of Heroes.”
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