Spicy Rumor Suggests Sony May Bring PlayStation Exclusive Helldivers 2 To Xbox

hero helldivers 2 on xbox
The rumor mill is churning about possible talks going on between Sony and Microsoft about potentially bringing Helldivers 2 to the Xbox platform. While some fans are hesitant about the rumor being true, others are excited about the possibility.

One thing that holds true in the gaming industry is that rumors will flow with each new game announcement. Another thing that remains true is that companies like Sony and Microsoft are keen to keep certain games away from the other with exclusive launches. While both of these things are currently true for Helldivers 2, a PlayStation 5/PC exclusive, rumor has it that it may not remain that way forever.

During a recent YouTube episode of The XboxEra Podcast, it was suggested that talks are underway between Sony and Microsoft to bring the popular game to the Xbox platform. It is important to note that this is only a rumor, and that the talks are supposedly only in the “very, very early, preliminary” stages.

helldivers 2 screenshot

The possibility of Helldivers 2 making its way to the Xbox caused a stir on social media. A discussion on the topic via Reddit seemed to side on the side of caution when it came to the rumor. One person posted “How can you have info on very, very early discussions of a possibility to bring to Xbox? lol, views must be really down around this time.” Others were a bit more kind with their skepticism, but still siding with the rumor being false.

Regardless, it would be nice to see more “exclusives” become available to more platforms. As noted in the video, PlayStation has a new CEO, which might be more open to such ideas. Gamers can hope, anyway.

For now, however, Helldivers 2 is only available on the PlayStation 5 and PC. It currently sells for $39.99 for the Standard Edition, with the Super Citizen Edition selling for $59.99.