Rude's Fierce Teflon & Steel Mousepad Can Handle Oven Temperatures

Gaming mouse pads have been around for years. Companies producing them have arrived and departed, and styles have come and gone, but there's no question that the demand for specialized gaming pads remains. The next company trying to get in on the action is Rude Gameware, which has just introduced one of the wildest, most rugged gaming mouse pads that we have ever seen.

Unlike a lot of the slick surfaces that are out there promising increased accuracy for snipers, the Fierce Teflon & Steel Mouse Surface actually uses the famed DuPont Teflon technology in order to make this particular pad resistant to all sorts of issues. Rude claims that this new pad offers the smoothest mousing surface ever, not to mention that it's completely scratch resistant and uses a durable, steel base. It's also super easy to clean thanks to the Teflon surface.

And based on this image, you can even toss your new pad in the oven without any real negative consequences. That's pretty wild, and might just be worth the $29.95 alone.